Salvaged Beauties: Reclaimed Woods

Reclaimed hardwood is a prize in itself: rich, sheer, rustic beauty and if you’re lucky enough, even a great story can be a part of your home, office or wherever you choose to have it.antique wood
With a very limited supply and a growing demand for reclaimed and recovered hardwoods, we thought is best to share some things about these precious beauties that is slowly being rediscovered by a number of homeowners.

These woods, either in the form of timber or lumber can be recovered and reclaimed from the natural environment – old growth forests, riverbeds, forgotten logging trails or abandoned structures – walls, sidings or flooring of turn of the century factories, mills, barns and Victorian houses.

Woods like these have originally been logged from forests in their natural state – sturdy and full-grown compared to today’s fast growth woods. These are one of a kind: greater in length and aged to perfection.

Its beauty remains unmatched. Technology may enable modern manufacturers to mimic reclaimed woods but authenticity cannot be duplicated. Some companies offer documents detailing the history of the woods – where it has been installed, where it was found and how it has been used before it was transformed or re-purposed. Its a great way to detail the history of the wood and learn the story behind it.

The elements also has a way of enriching recovered  wood making it more beautiful with age. Softwoods become harder and other woods’ grains become more defined, with more character and colors, richer. Naturally aged lumber also has better structural stability making it a very good material for various products.

Once processed recovered or reclaimed hardwood can be used in different ways, for making furniture, decorative panels,ceiling and even flooring with a rich history and definitive character that would certainly make it stand out more.