USGBC Event April 26, Gville FL

Green Building Meets Historic Renovation

Once a primary stop on the route between the cities of Fernandina Beach on Florida’s East Coast and Cedar Key on the West, the 1860’s era Gainesville Train Depot is getting a “Green” renovation, and will serve as a model for inter-agency and corporate co-operation for future Green renovation projects across the United States.

Today, the Depot is poised to become a significant public attraction at Depot Park, a new city park proposed near the intersection of Depot Avenue and South Main Street. Unique in its conception, the Depot will be an example of Historic Green renovation, utilizing reclaimed longleaf heart pine by Goodwin Heart Pine, restored doors by Williston Door & Millwork and post recycled copper gutters & downspouts by The Copper Worx, among other reclaimed and recycled materials.

photo courtesy of Gainesville CRA


Join Us for the Old Gainesville Depot Tour

This Event is sponsored by the USGBC Heart of Florida Chapter, and will be held on April 26th, 5:30 – 7:30. There is a $5 fee for USGBC members & $10 fee for non-members. This is a construction site, the entrance is a gate on Depot Avenue opposite SE 2nd Street. For your safety, closed-toed shoes are required, no high heels please and no smoking.

Speakers will include:

  • Bert Bender of Bender and Associates, the project architect; an energetic speaker with expertise in historical projects.
  • Coley Pitt of West Construction ,the builder, who will will highlight some of the green products used and how they made this LEED project come together.
  • Food provided by West Construction.

During the fall of 2011, the Gainesville CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) and it’s contractor, West Construction Inc., started  rehabilitating the building’s core and shell. Once completed, the CRA will work to identify tenants who can utilize the space, potentially providing dining and retail opportunities to activate this important public space for Gainesville.

Be sure to stop by to see this wonderful historical treasure restored and grab some great grub in the process!

Project Partners:

City of Gainesville and Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency

Project Funding:

City of Gainesville

Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency – Downtown

Wild Spaces Public Places

Florida Department of Transportation

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Gainesville Regional Utilities

Florida Department of Historical Resources

Project Team:

Project Management: Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency

Design Team: Bender and Associates Architects, P.A.

Construction Team: West Construction, Inc

Inspection: Gray Construction Services, Inc.

Green Building Fortifies Floor Futures

Green building involves health, water conservation, energy efficiency, disaster mitigation and, of course, sustainable floor coverings. A certified green building is intended to keep you

Reclaimed Wood Flooring is GreenReclaimed Wood Flooring is Green 

healthier, save you money and help ensure the building’s durability. There are several national certifications and over half of states have regional, state or city certification programs.

Builders generally believe that green building certification is not worth the expense and time. Those who do get certifications most often opt for Energy Star or just a HERS rating. There is an expectation that many builders who currently get Energy Star certifications will drop out of the program when Version 3 goes into effect in January 2012 due to added challenges for thermal enclosure and preventing water intrusion.

Builders need to explore the costs and benefits of certification and incorporate certification into their business’s marketing plan. Average certification costs, including the third party certifier and the fees to the certifying organization, for a building of 1,750 square feet or less range from $600+/- for a local program to $2,500+/- for one of the national programs, according to Dr. Jennifer Languell, Trifecta Construction Solutions, Ft. Myers, Florida.

The Appraisal Institute offers a green certification for appraisers. Recently they announced an addendum to the Fannie Mae Form 1004 that lets appraisers add the contributory value of a home’s green features. Some builders have seen an increase in appraisal values from 8% to 20% for green features if they spend time with the appraiser and give them a copy of the homeowner’s manual, case studies from the Green MLS Tool Kit and carefully walk them through the home.

Green building products entail an even more complex list of third party certifiers and a good deal of “greenwashing” as well. To have some fun do a search on the term ‘sins of green washing.’ A few of the certification bodies to know about that relate to floor coverings include: CRI’s Green Label Testing Program certifies low-emitting carpets, GreenGuard certifies a wide variety of floor covering products and Scientific Certification Systems have developed a broad range of product certification programs since 1984…stay tuned, to be continued!

Free CEU Class on December 14th

Carol Goodwin is leading a free CEU course on 12/14/2011 in Maitland Florida.
The location is  Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock Architects, at noon, 222 West Maitland Boulevard, Maitland, Florida.
RSVP required to attend “Architectural and Design Treatments of Reclaimed Wood to Ensure Long Term Beauty and Durability of this Historical Resource”. You can email Carol at
The course is approved for 2 learning credits by the AIA, IDCEC, AIBD and State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Learning objectives include:
  • Learn the history of America’s first forests and evaluate variations in grades and know what to anticipate when specifying reclaimed and antique woods.
  • Compare characteristics of reclaimed and antique woods with more available standing timber and know the terminology to specify the grade they want.
  • Analyze manufacturing variations to insure that specs simplify installation; e.g., know when engineered wood products are well-made to avoid problems
  • Understand installation and finish specifics for various uses to ensure long term success of the wood products

Free CEUs for Architects

What a great combo, free CEUs and a valuable resource at your fingertips with the informative classes led by Carol Goodwin, from Goodwin Heart Pine Company. Carol Goodwin, CR, MCR, is President of Goodwin Heart Pine and holds Craftsman and Master Craftsman degrees from the National Wood Floor Association. She is also a Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspector.

She has long been active in supporting and promoting both environmental causes and the wood flooring industry. Her professional activities include founding the Reclaimed Wood Floor Association and the Association for the Restoration of Longleaf Pine, and chairing the National Wood Floor Association’s Environmental Committee for four years. She is the past Treasurer and a Board Member of the Florida Green Building Coalition and is currently a Board Member of the USGBC Heart of Florida Chapter.

Ms. Goodwin is an experienced presenter to consumer and professional audiences and has authored and presented continuing education courses on ‘Reclaimed Wood’, ‘Wood Floor Installations and Commercial Uses’, ‘Green Home Building – How Certification Works’, ‘What Makes a Building Product Green?’ and ‘Wood Products… What They Mean to Your Green Building’. She has published numerous articles and booklets on longleaf pine ecosystem reforestation and the building uses of antique heart pine. Publications include “Owners Guide to Heart Pine,” “Restoring an Ecosystem for Profit and Pleasure,” “Longleaf Legacies” and “Old Growth – Defining Your Wood Floor.”

Green Halloween 2011

Goodwin Heart Pine was a proud participant in the Green Halloween Celebration in Gainesville Florida 2011, which was organized by the US Green Building Council, Heart of Florida Chapter, here are some fun moments!Green Halloween Goodwin Heart Pine 2011

Antique Wood Contributes to the Local Zoo

Goodwin Antique Pine Wood Shavings at Santa Fe College Zoo

Santa Fe College Zoo Likes Antique Wood Shavings

    Antique wood shavings donated by Goodwin Heart Pine to the Santa Fe College Zoo cover the walkways. Zoo Director, Jonathan Miot, says, “This antique wood holds up and looks good on our trails around the Zoo.”

     River-Recovered® Heart Pine and Cypress antique wood is the best way to enjoy the beauty and luxury of the finest wood floor without compromising your commitment to sustainable living. 

     But that’s not the only way Goodwin is green. All of our antique wood products are produced sustainably and our business practices are healthy for the environment. Thanks to all of you for living sustainably and considering Goodwin.  Only Goodwin. Always Green.

Antique Pine Reclaimed Wood for the Masters!

Goodwin teamed up with Akira Wood to replace the interior of the Oconee Golf Clubhouse at Reynolds Plantation just in time for the Masters Tournament. Here are panels and columns in Antique Heart Pine.

Another first! George Goodwin pulled a log from our sawmill log pond and Akira made the antique pine plywood made for the banquettes. More on this to come as it hasn’t been done before. Kudos and thanks to Akira Wood.

Choosing a wood floor professional -2

Part 2 – Hints for finding a finisher for heart pine wooden floors

Many of the suggestions for finding an installer in the first section also apply to looking for a floor finisher for heart pine so you might want to look at Part 1.
A directory of professionally certified finishers such as NWFACP’s list at is one place to look for a person or company to sand your wood floor. Websites will often list certifications for the individual or company and classes they have taken. Membership in a wood flooring association can also be a positive sign. A certain minimum amount of work experience is highly desirable, but this is not a guarantee of quality work. Another indication of a commitment to quality work is attending wood floor industry schools. Also the sanding equipment should be professional grade. This does not mean that it has to be new but well maintained high quality equipment is important for a top quality job.
A discussion of the look you want to achieve helps choose between the many types of floor finish available for wood floors. Natural oils, hard wax oils, oil modified polyurethane, water borne acrylic or poly, and Tung oil (fortified or not) are some examples of what is available. Talk to your finisher about the properties of the different products such as –
—overall look,
—gloss levels,
—drying times (walk on floor),
—time for full cure (replace area rugs),
—film build,
—maintenance requirements, and
—environmental concerns.
Additional information is available on the internet at and other sites. The brand of finish should be designed for use on wood floors for durability and so that film forming products flow to yield a smooth surface. Saving money by using low quality finish can significantly reduce the life of the floor. Professional products cost more but usually only add a small percentage to the overall price. Discuss the finisher’s experience with sanding antique wood floors. River Recovered® heart pine sands slightly differently than most other woods. Some finishes darken antique heart pine floors as they are applied and continue to enhance the natural color change in the wood as it ages. Other products maintain a much lighter shade. Certain species have different reactions with different finishes so it is best to use a combination of flooring and finish products that your floor finisher has experience with.
Dust control and possible paint touch ups on the baseboard are other topics to discuss in advance. The temperature in the room, relative humidity, and direct sun light in the areas where the finish is applied will be of concern to the workers. Commissioning a new flooring project can be stressful, but finding a good team to install and finish your floor makes the process easier and gives better results.

If You Think Antique Pine Flooring is Gorgeous…

Antique Heart Cypress "Tidewater Red" Brochure from 1904Here’s a brochure from the early 1900s touting the beauty of Tidewater Red Cypress. That’s about the end of the commercial availability of virgin growth, or original growth heart of cypress.

Today Goodwin offers River Recovered Antique Heart Cypress in many grades and milling patterns for paneling, cabinetry and millwork. We follow the 1904 grading standards, the last time any were published for this rare wood.

“New cypress looks almost like another specie”, says George Goodwin talking with Norm Abrams while they look at a 1,700 year old river recovered heart cypress log.

Zen Dog House Made with Antique Heart Cypress Reclaimed Wood

Zen Dog House Made with River Recovered Antique Heart Cypress Reclaimed WoodFor all you Habitat for Humanity lovers, this doghouse was made by Goodwin Heart Pine to benefit. If you think antique pine flooring is gorgeous, you should see antique heart cypress. Russ Morash, This Old House producer, says, “The River Recovered Heart Cypress from Goodwin in my entry vanity is some of the most beautiful wood in the world.” Thanks Russ. We love you too!

Credits: Randy Batista Photography for hosting the event. Architect Tom Smith for designing the doghouse. Rick Bennett for building it while working at Goodwin. All of the above reside in Gainesville, FL.

Call for a sample of this beautiful wood for your very own.