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Reclaimed Wood Floors Are A Sound Investment

By Carol M Goodwin  Reclaimed wood floors are becoming an important consumer choice in historical home renovations, new construction and commercial building. As the green movement gains momentum, reclaimed wood becomes the ideal building material for the environmentally-friendly builder. Wood floors are the best choice for the environment for several reasons.   Manufacturing is cleaner. […]

CEU Classes for Building Design Professionals Gaining Popularity

Whew…I am finally taking a bit of a break from traveling.  I must say, one of the highlights of my job is meeting with extraordinary and talented building design professionals.  Our CEU classes covering how to create award-winning designs with reclaimed and River-Recovered® woods always prompts captivating conversation.  Our CEU classes have become so popular, […]

Goodwin Luxury Floors Win Awards Again!

More prestigious awards with Goodwin wood. The top image is the 2010 Floor of the Year, created with Goodwin luxury antique wood. Check out some of our award-winning floors. Antique wood possesses a lustre and patina that just can’t be compared to freshly milled wood. Goodwin wood is certified to be at least 200 years […]

Luxury Antique Flooring

This world-class hunter and fisherman’s hunting lodge sports a 14′ medallion with fish inlaid with Precision Engineered Antique Heart Pine. Now that’s a pine floor with personality! Goodwin reclaimed wood is frequently used in award winning floors. This 2008 winner was created by Goodwin’s COO, Andrew St. James and his former partner. Luxury interior design […]

Historic Homes and Antique Floors: caring for hardwood assets

Perhaps one of the most endearing features of old houses are the old hardwood flooring – rustic and classic, it has history and has been seasoned to imperfection. This is where most historic homeowners make the mistake of covering up or worse, ripping off and throwing out the original flooring all too hastily to make […]

USGBC Event April 26, Gville FL

Green Building Meets Historic Renovation Once a primary stop on the route between the cities of Fernandina Beach on Florida’s East Coast and Cedar Key on the West, the 1860’s era Gainesville Train Depot is getting a “Green” renovation, and will serve as a model for inter-agency and corporate co-operation for future Green renovation projects […]