A wood floor is one of the best investments you have ever made. With proper care, it will stay beautiful and last a lifetime. How do you keep your floors as beautiful as the day they were installed or refinished? Follow these easy steps and you will have beautiful floors that always look their best. Here are some basic rules that apply to all types of finishes. With these simple steps your heart pine floor will give you lasting beauty and enjoyment.

Keep out the dirt

Dirt and grit are any floor’s enemy, whether carpet, tile, or hardwoods.

  • Use dirt-trapping mats outside all exterior doors.
  • Throw rugs or small carpets just inside entrances are also helpful.
  • Sweep, vacuum with a brush attachment, or mop regularly as needed.
  • Do not use a household dust treatment. Your floor may become slick or it may dull the finish.

Prevent damage

Avoid scratches or dents in the floor.

  • Use felt or fabric-faced glides on the legs of your furniture.
  • If you need casters, non-marking rubber is the best type.
  • Keep high heels in good repair and replace protective shoe heel caps, exposed steel support rods in high heels will dent even concrete.
  • Move area rugs occasionally and shade large west-facing windows.

When you clean

  • Cleaning is different depending on the finish you choose.
  • Do not use wax over a surface finish (water-borne or moisture-cure).
  • You can damp mop a surface finished floor with a minimum of water or cleaner.
  • Finish manufacturers often have a cleaner that is made for their finish.
  • Wipe up spills quickly. Standing liquid can harm the wood and finish.
  • Don’t wax too much. It can decrease luster. Buff your floor before you rewax and see if that returns the luster.
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