Everyday Eye-Candy: Colors & Textures of Our Healthy/Green Home Remodel

by Corey at Celebrate Green Blog

On most days, I’ve been enjoying the process of witnessing our vision for a healthy & sustainable home come to life.

We knew the unfolding would be slow (in fact, we’re on the “5-year plan”) – but there are n-o-w projects in the works taking up a great deal of time, energy and attention.

It can be hard (so hard!) to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Still, in the midst of researching the ins and outs of low-flow toilets, sustainable flooring and no-VOC paints, on occasion I pause (these photos are proof that I DO pause!) just long enough to appreciate the moment. Yes, home renovation is stressful. Yes, Murphy’s Law lives (oy, does it!). Yes, everything – and I mean everything – takes longer to finish and costs more than planned. But I am lucky to be on this journey. This I know.

But what if there are no rose gardens to be found? How to cherish the now?

With an iPhone, of course. Or more specifically, the handy-dandy camera on my iPhone.

In the hardware store admiring the rainbow of paint chips and my adorable decor adviser (although something tells me I should question her recommendation to paint the living-room bubble-gum pink).

How much do I love our river-recovered and reclaimed Goodwin Heart Pine floors? Let me count thee ways! From the floor’s incredible spectrum of colors (white to purple!), to the old nail holes and historical character, to the swirls and whirls reminding me of the water from whence the planks came – even after the kitchen and bathrooms are remodeled, I have no doubt our floors will remain the crown jewel of our home. (This is a shot of the floors at the top of the staircase, just after installation, before hand-scraping or finish had been applied.)

Some girls drool in front of the windows at Neiman Marcus. I bliss-out in front of the Marmoleum display at Green Depot. To each their own. I just love the walls of colorful, natural, innovative materials.

I may be a tree-hugger, but I’m not normally drawn to “Earth-tones” – AKA browns. Yet, here in Green Depot‘s wood flooring section, there’s beauty to be found in the samples’ textures and tones.

Modern art? Or wool carpet sample display. I’d say: both!
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