Free CEU Class on December 14th

Carol Goodwin is leading a free CEU course on 12/14/2011 in Maitland Florida.
The location is  Helman Hurley Charvat Peacock Architects, at noon, 222 West Maitland Boulevard, Maitland, Florida.
RSVP required to attend “Architectural and Design Treatments of Reclaimed Wood to Ensure Long Term Beauty and Durability of this Historical Resource”. You can email Carol at
The course is approved for 2 learning credits by the AIA, IDCEC, AIBD and State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations. Learning objectives include:
  • Learn the history of America’s first forests and evaluate variations in grades and know what to anticipate when specifying reclaimed and antique woods.
  • Compare characteristics of reclaimed and antique woods with more available standing timber and know the terminology to specify the grade they want.
  • Analyze manufacturing variations to insure that specs simplify installation; e.g., know when engineered wood products are well-made to avoid problems
  • Understand installation and finish specifics for various uses to ensure long term success of the wood products

Sunken Treasure—Gold in the Rivers

Gold in the form of rich hues and grain of aged Heart Pine and Heart Cypress has been submerged for hundreds of years in the Suwannee and other Florida Rivers. This year these highly treasured trees will surface, thanks to ecologically aware people like George Goodwin, who petitioned and won the privilege to retrieve them without disturbing the surrounding Eco-systems.

When the trees were initially hewn, it was the oldest and most dense trees that rolled off the logging rafts and slipped into the darkness of the Suwannee. Most of the trees recovered by Goodwin and Company are hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old. The wood colors range from golden honey to a rich burgundy red. The well-defined grains are works of art ranging from select arches to vertical pin stripes to curly or burl grain. The wood is carefully sawn, slowly air-dried, then kiln-dried and meticulously milled to the specifications of the particular project and the customer’s needs. Goodwin follows the 1904 grading rules for Heart Pine and Heart Cypress and sets the standards for antique woods today.

Whether for restoration or for the beauty of the wood being used in modern design, Goodwin’s recovered Heart Pine has starred in PBS’s This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. It has played a role in HGTV’s Dream Builders and has been a notable in such magazines as Women’s Day, U.S. News and World Report and Fine Homebuilding. Most recently, Goodwin was featured in Southern Living, December, 1999.